The Importance of Faith in William Planes’ Life

A Foundation of Faith

Greek Orthodox Roots

The Greek Orthodox Christian Faith played a crucial role in William Planes’ upbringing. His father, who escaped and survived the 1922 genocide of Greek Orthodox Christians in Asia Minor, instilled in him the importance of faith and its values.

Educational and Military Journey

From University to Navy

After graduating from Coral Gables High School, Planes attended the University of Miami and later Florida State University. During his time at Florida State, he joined the US Marine Corps Reserves and eventually transferred to the US Navy when he went on active duty. Throughout his educational and military journey, his faith remained a guiding force.

Professional Success and Philanthropy

From Accountant to Business Owner

William Planes’ career shifted from practicing as a CPA to owning a business firm that specialized in buying and reorganizing struggling businesses. The success from these ventures allowed him to engage in significant philanthropic work, focusing on causes aligned with his Faith.

Legacy of Service

Passing Down the Faith

Planes’ commitment to his Greek Orthodox Faith is evident in his philanthropic endeavours and the recognition he has received as a result of his endeavours. His legacy of faith and service continues to inspire future generations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong belief in Christ.

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