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This book follows the life, experiences, and Christian Faith of a young boy born in Asia Minor in 1908; how he and his family managed to escape the Genocide of the Greek and Armenian Christians at the hands of Kamel Ataturk on September 13, 1922; their lives as refugees of genocide; how these events and events of World War II on the Island of Crete Greece affected them and their descendants; and the relationship between that boy, in his adult years, and his son, the author. The book deals with life’s storms that the boy and his son experience how their Faith, in particularly as practiced in their everyday lives, effected, and straighten them so that they could move through the storms of life and emerge from the eye of those storms, remaining strong and committed in their Faith

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Planes, approaching his 80th birthday, hopes the book will reinforce the idea that faith in Christ can help us cope with all obstacles.

“It was a lesson by my father to his kids that no matter what you’re confronted with in life if you trust in Christ and you believe without doubt that Christ is with you, you can get through anything. That was what we learned at a very early age and that’s what stuck with me throughout my life.”

Planes has now passed that faith down to his daughter Rhea and son William II.

He also hopes the story of his family will help future generations avoid the tyranny, suppression and genocide suffered by his forebears and will give them an appreciation for the fragile freedoms they have in the United States. 

“Platanides: Through the Eye of the Storm” is available at Amazon.