The Early Life and Legacy of William Planes

The Early Life of William Planes

Decendent of Refugee Beginnings

Many early Christians travelled to Asia Minor to escape persecution in Jerusalem. Over time, Asia Minor became a significant site for the spread and survival of Christianity. However, the area experienced severe persecution, especially during World War I, the Greco-Turkish War, and the Genocide of Orthodox Christians in the early 20th century. Many Christian refugees were killed in this Genocide, others fled to surrounding nations to survive.

Panagiotis Platanides: A  Refugee from Genocide

Fleing Asia Minor (Turkey) his parents settled  in Crete and he immigrated as a refugee to the United States

William Planes is the first generation of his family born of a refugee from the Genicide of Orthodox Christians at the being of the 20th Centruy. His grandparents with five of their children managed to flee Asia Minor and eventually settled in Crete. His father, Panagiotis Platanides (Planes), fled Ashia Minor with his parents to Greece and then, being separated from them, he immigrated to the United States arriving in January 1923. William Planes was born in New York City in January 1942.

The Influence of Greek Orthodox Christian Faith

A Faith That Survived Genocide

The Greek Orthodox Christian Faith was a significant aspect of the straight and determination exhibited by Panagiotis during the September 1922 genocide of Greek Christians in Asia Minor. This Faith and its values were instilled by Panagiotis in his son William Planes from an early age.

Educational and Military Journey

From Coral Gables to the US Navy

William Planes graduated from Coral Gables High School and attended the University of Miami for two years before completing his education at Florida State University. While at Florida State, he joined the US Marine Corps Reserves and later transferred to the US Navy when he went on active duty.

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