william planes

William Planes: From CPA to Philanthropist

Career Shift

Leaving Public Practice

After several years of practicing as a CPA, William Planes left public practice to start a firm that developed into one that specialized in buying struggling businesses, reorganizing them, and reselling them.

Philanthropic Endeavours

Utilizing Gains for Good

Planes used the gains from his business investments to fund various philanthropic efforts, focusing on causes related to his Greek Orthodox Christian Faith. His dedication to philanthropy was driven by his desire to give back to the community and support his Faith.

Recognition and Awards

Honors in the Greek Orthodox Community

For his service and commitment to God, community and country, William Planes received numerous awards, including the prestigious St. Paul Gold Medal. He became a member of Leadership 100 and was elevated to Archon Notarios by the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, His All Holliness Bartholemew I,  in October 2005. William Planes is also the recipient of the Archangel Michael Award given by Meropolitain Alexios of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta, the 2006 Very Reverend Father Tryfon Theophilopoulos Philanthropist of the year award by St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Tarpon Springs, Florida, the Danny Thomas Gold Metal Award in recognition of his contributions and efforts on behalf for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Awarded by Board of Regence of St. Petersburg Collage The Gold Seal of the State of Florida for his 2006 Philanthropic Community Service to Pinellas County Florda, Awarded by US Senator Elizabeth Dole and President George W. Bush the Republican Senatorial American Spirit Metal. These honours recognized his significant contributions to his Community, Country, and  the Greek Oorthox Church through his  philanthropic work.

A Life of Service

Continuing His Father’s Legacy

William Planes continued the legacy of faith and service instilled in him by his father. His philanthropic efforts and recognition within the Greek Orthodox community as well as his recognition by various local, state and national organizations, highlight his dedication to his Faith and the values passed down through generations. His work serves as an inspiration for future generations to appreciate and uphold the freedoms and sacrifices of their ancestors.

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